There’s endless space in Egypt’s Sinai Desert for Gaza’s civilians – Middle East Monitor


Israeli diplomat Danny Ayalon tells an Al Jazeera reporter there is ‘endless space’ for Gaza’s civilians in Egypt’s Sinai Desert and that they should all be moved there, saying Israel wanted to help by creating a humanitarian corridor for safe passing. Israel’s non-stop bombardment, however, has been wiping out entire neighbourhoods across the Gaza Strip, including targeting Gaza’s only border crossing with Egypt and convoys of Palestinian civilians fleeing the north of the Strip towards the south. Many fear that Israel’s orders of evacuating Gaza’s population is paving the way for a second Nakba, comparable to the 1948 Nakba when Zionist militias and forces expelled nearly a million Palestinians who remain, along with generations of their offspring, refugees to this day living in camps across the occupied West Bank, the Gaza Strip and neighbouring Arab counties.

October 14, 2023 at 2:28 pm

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