Israeli Occupation to Demolish Health Facilities in Gaza


Press Release

The Government Media Office condemns the new Israeli crime of threatening some health facilities in the governorates of Gaza city and the North and demanding them to evacuate towards the southern area of Gaza Strip.

The office confirms that these threats are a clear violation of the rules of the humanitarian law, and a disregard for the protection stipulated for these facilities as civilian objects.

These threats are unacceptable because they mean a death sentence for thousands of wounded and sick people in these facilities.

The Government Media Office holds the international community with all its relevant organizations, led by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, responsible for any attempt to harm these health facilities, particularly their coordinates are provided by the Israeli occupation, the Red Cross, and the World Health Organization.

The office confirms that there will be no response to the evacuation threats, and the medical teams will remain in their places, doing their humanitarian role and duty towards the sick and wounded people.

For the seventh consecutive day, the Israeli military has been carrying out relentless and devastating airstrikes targeting the homes of Palestinian civilians, as well as residential, educational, governmental, and medical structures, resulting in a substantial loss of civilian lives.

According to the Palestinian health ministry’s statement released on Saturday, 14 Oct, 2023 over 2215 Palestinians have lost their lives. This heartbreaking figure includes 583 children and 351 women who have fallen victim to Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, UNICEF spokesman for Al Jazeera: More than 700 Palestinian children have lost their lives in the Gaza Strip since the start of the Israeli bombing.

Additionally, the ongoing Israeli air raids have left 8714 people wounded, among them 1,901 children and 1,185 women. Deputy Health Minister Yusuf Abu al-Reesh of Gaza has revealed that a concerning 60% of those injured by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza are women and children.

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