Israeli Warplanes Deploy Banned Phosphorus Bombs in Gaza


Israeli occupation aircraft carried out terrifying raids on a large number of homes and residential towers in the Karama neighbourhood, in the northern Gaza Strip, leaving a large number of Palestinians dead and wounded.

As reported by Palestinian media, the ongoing violent Israeli airstrikes on the Karama neighbourhood caused massive destruction of residential facilities, killing several Palestinians and wounding dozens.

Local sources also reported that Israeli occupation warplanes launched internationally banned incendiary phosphorus bombs towards Palestinian homes, causing more severe damage.

The intensity of the aerial bombardments has regrettably impeded the efforts of ambulances and medical teams, who, as of the time of this report, have been unable to access the devastated homes to provide assistance to the victims.

For the fourth consecutive day, the Israeli military has been carrying out relentless and devastating airstrikes targeting the homes of Palestinian civilians, as well as residential, educational, governmental, and medical structures, resulting in a substantial loss of civilian lives.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the Israeli airstrikes have killed 900 Palestinian citizens, including 260 children and 230 women, and wounded over 4500 others.

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