Israeli Negotiating Style Indicates Netanyahu’s Evasion of Prisoners’ Deal


Haaretz cited a foreign source familiar with the negotiations between ‘Israel’ and Hamas as stating that “Israel refused to send a delegation to Egypt to discuss the deal, even though Hamas’ response was positive.”

The source added that ‘Israel’ wants Hamas to either accept or reject the Egyptian initiative as it is without discussing the details.

The Israeli negotiating style leaves the impression that Netanyahu does not want to reach an agreement, as he does not agree to engage in negotiations or clarify matters that require clarification,” the source confirmed.

On the other hand, Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas Movement Ismail Haniyeh reaffirmed on Sunday the seriousness and positivity the movement dealt with before the current round of negotiations.

It conducted a series of communications with the mediators and with the resistance factions. In addition, it held intensive meetings and consultations internally and externally before sending the delegation to Cairo, carrying its positive and flexible positions.

Haniyeh added that Hamas movement remains eager to reach a comprehensive and interconnected agreement, ending the aggression, ensuring Israeli army’s withdrawal, and achieving a serious prisoner exchange deal.

Amidst ongoing talks and discussions of the deal CNN reported that the Biden administration has paused a shipment of US-made ammunition to ‘Israel’.

Despite that CNN revealed the hold is not connected to a potential Israeli operation in Rafah and doesn’t affect other shipments moving forward, political experts view it as a move that would put pressure on ‘Israel’ to accept the deal and set back from Rafah invasion.

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