IOF Attack Palestinian Citizens, Search Homes in Occupied Jericho


Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) attacked and searched Thursday, July 27, 2023, a number of Palestinian citizens’ homes in Arab al-Malehat community, northwest of occupied Jericho.

The general supervisor of Al-Baydar Organization for the Defense of Palestinian Bedouin Rights, Hassan Malihat, stated that Israeli occupation forces, accompanied by an Israeli settler, stormed the homes of citizens: Ibrahim Atallah Malihat, and the brothers Mahmoud, Muhammad and Atta Suleiman Kaabneh, and searched their properties.

Daily and systematically, Israeli occupation forces commit violations and attacks against Palestinian citizens, closures, deliberate detentions, home demolitions and deportation, suffocating and complicating Palestinian lives in order to force them to leave their homelands.

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