Belgian and Dutch students protest against Israel’s war on Gaza | Israel War on Gaza News


Students in Belgium and the Netherlands have joined the wave of protests around the world against Israel’s war on Gaza.

The protesters occupied parts of the universities of Ghent and Amsterdam on Monday, joining international student demonstrations that started on US campuses.

At the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in the centre of the city, hundreds of students set up a camp, pitching tents, playing in drum circles, and barricading access with wooden pallets.

The students want UvA and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) to end their partnerships with Israeli institutions.

A UvA spokesperson said that while it condoned the protest during the day, it will not tolerate students staying the night.

“If students decide to spend the night, we will report it to the police”, he said.

In neighbouring Belgium, some 100 students occupied part of Ghent University (UGent).

Footage shared on social media shows students surrounded by tents chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, the occupation has to go” in one university building.

Several UGent employees and professors have signed an open letter supporting the protest and condemning the university’s decision to continue research collaboration with Israel.

“UGent never gives permission to occupy buildings, but if this happens, a general framework of agreements applies,” rector Rik Van de Walle said in a statement. He added that UGent subjects universities with which it collaborates to a human rights investigation.

The Ghent University students said the protest would last until Wednesday, May 8.

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