200 US Civil Society Bodies Join Anti-Apartheid Coalition


200 American civil society institutions, churches, and trade unions joined on Monday, 14 August 2023 the Apartheid-Free Communities coalition aimed at facing the ongoing Israeli violations against the Palestinian people.

The coalition calls on member organizations to familiarize their members with the offenses committed by the Israeli apartheid regime against the Palestinian people.

Furthermore, the coalition shares guidelines on how to lead advocacy campaigns to expose the ugly face of the apartheid system imposed by Israel.

It also requires its member organizations to adopt a public written pledge against all forms of racism, intolerance, and oppression. The pledge includes opposition to racial discrimination, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia in their communities.

According to the organizers, the coalition also seeks to educate US communities about the harsh condition of Palestinian lives under military occupation, settler colonialism, and apartheid.

uts worth noting that the coalition was formed at the end of 2022 in North America in the wake of the emerging consensus among international human rights organizations that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people amounts to the crime of apartheid.

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