WHO Warns of Bloodbath in Rafah If Ceasefire Deal Fails


The World Health Organization (WHO) expressed Friday a grave concern over a potential bloodbath in Rafah, southern Gaza, in case ‘Israel’ decided a military ground invasion in Rafah.

The organization uncovered that only 33% of Gaza’s 36 hospitals and 30% of primary healthcare centers are functioning to some extent, amidst ongoing onslaughts and shortages of essential medical supplies, fuel, and staff.

WHO and its partners are urgently working to restore and expand health services, but the already strained health system would struggle to handle a surge in casualties and fatalities resulting from a Rafah incursion.

WHO’ concerns stemmed from a fluctuation in talks and negotiations of a ceasefire deal and continuous threats of Israeli ground invasion in Rafah.

During the last days, the southern city of Rafah has become a focal point of massacres and assaults of Palestinians in the Gaza enclave, by the Israeli army, according to Palestinian medical and security sources.

The latest Israeli crimes unfolded today in Rafah after airstrikes targeted tents of displaced Palestinians, killing a number of civilians and injuring dozens.

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