Western Media’s Racism Enables Israel’s Crimes in Gaza


On International Day of the Freedom of Journalism, May 2nd, Palestinian journalist Ahmed Alnaouq based in London told Anadolu Agency that the Western media’ hypocrisy and racist coverage are enabling ‘Israel’ to commit more war crimes and massacres against Palestinians.

“It’s very loud and clear that Western media is now a hypocrite when it comes to this war on Gaza,” he described. For him, Western media outlets are “partners” in Israel’s crimes.

Alnaouq comments stemmed from a grave tragedy led to the murder of more than 23 of his family members, including his father, brothers, sisters and 14 nieces and nephews, during the ongoing assault on Gaza.

He expalined that the Western media’s job is only to report the news as it doesn’t happen, and the international community can stop ‘Israel’ from committing more atrocities against the Palestinian people but, unfortunately, they’re not doing their job.

He also called out Western media outlets for their apathy on the relentless killing of journalists in Gaza, where at least 142 media workers have been killed in Israeli attacks since October 7.

He reinstated that Western media does not care about their Palestinian colleagues because of their “identity” and “skin colour.”

“If this mass killing of journalists happened in another country, if they were not Palestinians, we would have seen uproar from all the Western media,” he said, adding that because they’re Palestinians, “the world did not care much about it. This is a tragedy. The Western media is racist.”

Alnaouq revealed that Palestinians and the people of Gaza have long relied on “citizen journalists” and they always take the initiative to cover what’s happening and share it with the world.

This is a reason why when ‘Israel’ kills a journalist in Palestine, another 100 people will want to become a journalist, and they view it as a “moral, ethical and professional responsibility, as he described.

Israel is facing a genocide case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for its assault on Gaza, which has now killed over 34,600 Palestinians, the vast majority are women and children, and wounded nearly 77,900.

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