UNRWA: Israeli Airstrikes displaced 74000 Palestinians to our schools in Gaza 


The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) stated that 74000 Palestinians were displaced to their schools due to the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

In a statement, UNRWA said that there are approximately 74,000 displaced people in 64 UNRWA shelters, adding that the numbers are likely to increase amid the continued violent Israeli bombardment and air strikes.

A UNRWA school sheltering displaced Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip was directly hit on Sunday. The school, sheltering more than 225 people, was severely damaged. No casualties were recorded among the displaced.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that Israeli airstrikes claimed the lives of 370 Palestinians including at least 20 children, and injured 2,200 since 7 October.

Three students at UNRWA schools in Khan Younis and Beit Hanoun are confirmed to be among the casualties.


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