UK Expresses Alarm Over Israeli Settler Attacks Against Palestinians


The United Kingdom has voiced deep concern over the escalating violence perpetuated by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the occupied territories of Palestine. Ambassador James Kariuki, the UK’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, emphasized the urgency of the situation during a session of the UN Security Council focused on the Middle East on Monday.

Addressing the Council, Ambassador Kariuki highlighted the alarming displacement of more than 400 Palestinians from seven communities as a result of relentless settler violence. “The displacement of over 400 Palestinians across seven communities from their land due to ongoing settler violence is unacceptable,” he stated. Kariuki expressed the UK’s call for Israel to provide proper security measures for the Palestinian population as required by international humanitarian law.

He also cited alarming data from UN agencies that reported 591 attacks by Israeli settlers causing casualties and property damage to Palestinians this year, the highest monthly average on record. He highlighted the plight of Palestinians living in areas such as Al Qaboun and Al Mughayyir, where they face intolerable living conditions.

He reminded Israel of its obligation as an occupying power to ensure the safety and welfare of the local Palestinian population and to hold accountable those who commit violence against them.

Currently, more than 600,000 Israeli settlers reside in 164 settlements and 116 outposts within the occupied West Bank. These settlements are deemed illegal under international law, adding to the complex legal and humanitarian dimensions of the issue.

The UK representative also criticized the continuous demolition of Palestinian properties and evictions by the Israeli occupation. Such actions directly contradict international humanitarian law and place Palestinians at risk of forcible displacement, thereby exacerbating their suffering. Ambassador Kariuki condemned the recent demolition of the Ein Samia School, situated east of Ramallah, which served students from the local Bedouin community.

The Palestinian Education Ministry released a statement expressing their dismay at the destruction of the Ein Samia School. The school played a vital role in educating students from the local Bedouin community and its demolition has left these students without access to education.

The Ein Samia School was demolished by Israeli occupation forces on August 17, just a few days before the start of the new academic year. The school was built with funding from the European Union and Belgium, and had been serving 49 students from grades one to six.

As per a recent report by UNICEF, Israeli occupation forces razed a total of three schools in the West Bank over the past year, resulting in a direct impact on a total of 78 Palestinian students.

The Israeli occupation of Palestine has violated the rights of the Palestinians and caused increasing violence by the Jewish settlers. The UK joins the international community in expressing its concern over this situation and calls on the Israeli occupation to take action to address it.

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