Tragedy Strikes as Palestinian Lives Lost in Libya Floods


A devastating flood caused by Storm Daniel has wreaked havoc in Libya, resulting in the loss of at least 23 Palestinian lives among the thousands of casualties. The Palestinian Foreign Ministry officially confirmed this grim news on Tuesday.

This catastrophe struck the nation last week when the powerful Storm Daniel surged through the Mediterranean region, bringing relentless heavy rains and fierce winds. On Sunday, September 10th, the storm reached the eastern coast of Libya, triggering the bursting of several dams and leading to torrents of water engulfing villages and towns along its path.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry issued a statement expressing deep sorrow over the loss of Palestinian lives, including eight members of a single family. The ministry extended its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and friends, emphasizing their commitment to supporting the affected Palestinians.

Furthermore, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry revealed that they were in close contact with Libyan authorities to closely monitor the situation and welfare of Palestinians residing in the affected areas.

Libyan officials have reported staggering numbers of casualties, with over 2,000 Libyans losing their lives and at least 10,000 others still unaccounted for. Faced with this immense tragedy, the Libyan government declared a state of emergency and made a heartfelt plea for international aid to manage the burgeoning humanitarian crisis.

In response to the dire situation, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry has pledged its readiness to offer any necessary assistance to the Libyan people and government. Additionally, they praised Libya for its unwavering historical support for the Palestinian cause.

The ministry also called upon the international community to step forward and provide much-needed aid to Libya, enabling the nation to recover from this calamity and rebuild its essential infrastructure.

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