The whole world is silent


Thank you so much for your concerns. I really appreciate that.

The situation in Gaza is going beyond miserable. Everything is getting dark, as we are living terror and horror every minute or even every second.

Electricity has been totally cut off for approximately 14 days. Markets are running out of storage. Hospitals are out of fuel and supplies. Hence, the Israeli occupation is closing all crossing borders, preventing any kind of humanitarian aids to enter Gaza.

Fearing the Israeli arbitrary bombardment, my husband, my baby and I sleep in the kitchen. We sleep in the kitchen, believing that it might be the safest place in the whole house. We try to avoid windows and doors to keep ourselves safe, as if a near explosion occurs, the whole house shakes and shrapnels fly everywhere.

I’ve got tired hearing bombs. I’ve got tired losing colleagues, friends and relatives, and seeing my people killed and displaced.

Due to the ongoing bloody attack on my city, I have been unable to meet with my family for 18 days as neither me nor they even dare to go out to the street. And due to the damage that affected contact lines, I have been also unable to call them and hear their voice via mobile. I barely can know their conditions via a message that takes hours and hours to reach.

Seeing the merciless massacres committed against my people and seeing babies and children being either massacred or left alone as orphans, I really feel terrified that something bad happens to my 7-month year old baby, Lya.

You know what? Gazans do not fear death. We know that if we died, we will ascend to heaven. But we fear the loss of the place we grew up in and created memories. We fear the loss of people we love. I fear for my baby Lya. I wish that if it is my fate to die, I die with my daughter. I don’t want her to live alone; to live without a mother; to grow up in a place that isn’t her home.

I feel disappointed. I feel so disappointed as the whole world is silent, as if we are no humans! I am so disappointed as I see no country is taking a move to help us! I feel terrified as I see no end to this.

Please take a move to end this!

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