Tabbun Calls on UN to Grant Palestine Full Membership


Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune urged the UN Assembly on Tuesday, September 20th, 2023, to convene a special session in favour of conducting a vote on granting full state membership to Palestine.

During his speech at the 78th UN General Assembly in New York City, Tebboune stressed Algeria’s immense support for the Arab Peace Initiative, advocating for an independent Palestinian state within 1967 borders and urging the UN Security Council to pass a resolution in this regard.

Palestine holds the status of a “non-member observer state” within the 193-member organization.

In 2011, Palestine applied for full UN membership but did not garner the necessary support from the UN Security Council.

In 2012, the UN General Assembly elevated Palestine’s status from an “observer” to a “non-member observer state.”

Algeria does not have any diplomatic or commercial relations with ‘Israel, and it has a long record of support in favour of Palestine. Previously, Algerian lawmakers submitted a bill criminalizing normalization with ‘Israel’, including articles prohibiting travel or any direct or indirect contact with Tel Aviv.

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