Suspected Israeli Terrorist Released to Home Arrest After Killing Palestinian Teenager


A Jerusalem court has decided to release one of the two main suspects in the murder of a 19-year-old Palestinian, Qosai Jammal Mi’tan, to home arrest on Tuesday. The suspect, Elisha Yered, is an Israeli settler who participated in the shooting of Mi’tan last Friday night near the West Bank village of Beitin.

The other suspect, Yehiel Indore, who is believed to have fired the fatal shots, remains hospitalized under arrest after being injured by Palestinian stone throwers during the attack. Both suspects are members of a radical Jewish group that advocates violence against Palestinians.

The court’s decision to release Yered has sparked outrage among Palestinians and human rights activists, who accuse the Israeli authorities of applying a double standard of justice. They claim that if the roles were reversed, and a Palestinian had killed an Israeli, he would face harsher punishment and detention.

The family of Mi’tan, who was a student at Birzeit University and a volunteer at a local hospital, has demanded that the killers be brought to justice and held accountable for their crime. They say that Mi’tan was not involved in any violent activity and was on his way home from visiting his grandmother when he was shot.

The Israeli occupation police have said that they are still investigating the case and that they will present their findings to the prosecution soon. They have also said that they will appeal the court’s decision to release Yered, who faces charges of manslaughter and illegal possession of weapons.

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