Support Demonstrations Held Across West Bank for Palestinian Prisoners


various regions in the West Bank witnessed a series of solidarity demonstrations in response to a call from the Higher Emergency Committee of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement.

Participants in the demonstrations held pictures of the male and female prisoners and banners demanding their release, especially the sick and administrative detainees among them.

In Ramallah, Nisreen Abu Ghurbia, the mother of three prisoners in Israeli jails, stated that they would not be deterred by anything from seeing their incarcerated sons and supporting them.

She emphasized that the Palestinian people would not remain silent about the decisions of the extremist Israeli Minister of Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, calling on the prisoners to continue their steadfastness and challenge their captors.

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In Jenin, the wife of the hunger-striking prisoner Sultan Khalaf, who has been on strike for 41 days, explained that her husband was in critical health in the clinic of Ramleh prison.

She reported that their lawyer had informed them that her husband could not move and was vomiting blood, experiencing repeated fainting spells. She called on everyone to support the prisoners and not leave them alone in their strike.

In Tulkarm, participants from the prisoners’ families, national action factions, official and popular institutions, and released prisoners emphasized the need to prioritize the prisoners’ issues and intensify solidarity activities with them.

Faisal Salama, the coordinator of the national action factions in Tulkarm, highlighted the importance of the prisoners’ cause, stating that they sacrificed the best years of their lives for their just cause.

In Bethlehem, participants called on the international community to intervene to stop the violations of the Israeli prison administration against the prisoners.

In Qalqilya, participants stressed that the plans of the occupation would not be passed on to the prisoners and the Palestinian people’s sons, calling for support for their steps regardless of the cost.

On Monday, the Higher Emergency Committee of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement called on the Palestinian people to participate widely in supporting the prisoners in the face of Itamar Ben Gvir’s decisions by participating in mass demonstrations today in all cities and villages in the governorates of the homeland.

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