Storms send bins, barriers flying in Makkah – Middle East Monitor


A bolt of lightning struck the Clock Tower in Makkah last night as a large storm swept the Muslim holy site sending bins and barriers flying.

Footage from the area showed pilgrims falling over as barriers were blown into them and wet floors caused them to slip.

According to the National Centre for Meteorology, the storm caused wind speeds to increase to more than 80 kilometres per hour and 45 millimetres of rainwater was measured in under a day in the Al-Kakkyiah neighbourhood.

The flash flooding caused by the storm had drained away by this morning according to residents.

Schools in areas of Makkah were closed temporarily as a result of the storm for the “interest of everyone’s safety” and students attended classes online instead.

The Saudi authorities confirmed that there were no reported casualties but warned residents that more storms were to be expected later today.

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