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Editor’s Note: The Herak Haifa movement issued the following statement on October 13, 2023. Herak Haifa an open grassroots movement for defending the rights of Palestinians in Haifa, and for expressing unity with the struggles of Palestinians everywhere for the Right of Return and for a free democratic Palestine.

Urgent call
Stop the Zionist war crimes against our Palestinian people!

The American and European imperialist powers are partners in the war of extermination against two million Palestinians besieged in Gaza!

To the daughters and sons of our steadfast people in the homeland and in the diaspora,

To all conscientious people in the world!

We raise this cry, this urgent appeal, at the most dangerous stage in the history of our people, history which is full of calamities, tragedies, bombings, massacres and displacement.

From here, from occupied Haifa, we launch a cry of pain and distress, and an urgent request for action to save two million daughters and sons of our Palestinian people, children, and the elderly, against whom the Israeli war machine has launched an unprecedented war of comprehensive annihilation, unprecedented despite the long bloody history of the colonialist state.

We should not forget that the campaign of crimes against humanity being waged these days against our people in the Gaza Strip is not just “madness” practiced by the current fascist government but rather a continuation of the policy of ethnic cleansing that has made most residents of the Gaza Strip refugees and besieged in this small piece of the Palestinian homeland, in which basic necessities of normal life are lacking, already 75 years ago. The siege on these people intensified even more brutally when the resistance forced the occupation to withdraw its forces and settlers in 2005. Rabin had once declared his desire to see “Gaza sinking into the sea,” and now we witness how his killers and followers unite to drown it in a sea of blood.

Today’s criminal offensive to exterminate our people in Gaza is a new stage in an endless series of systematic Zionist crimes aimed at realizing their dream of inheriting and settling “a land without people.” We issue this call while we are all being persecuted, as Palestinian blood is spilled with impunity throughout Palestine and the diaspora. Just this year, about 200 Palestinian Arabs were killed within the “sovereign borders of Israel” (Palestine 48) by bullets from criminal gangs, which enjoy the protection, and even the participation, of the occupation police and army. 

We witness in these very days a massive campaign of detentions against anyone who expresses an opinion contrary to the regime’s bloody chorus, the expulsion of Arab students from their universities and the firing of workers from their jobs, the suppression of any expression of protest, and the recruitment, arming and letting-loose of settler gangs under the auspices of the army and police. The result of all these persecutions is that to protest or even to cry in pain over the shedding of blood of our people is regarded as a crime.

We are raising this cry, calling for an end to this bloody carnage while our hands are tied and our homes are besieged. But we know, and the world and history know, that behind the war criminals are those who enable and encourage them while they are sitting safely in their homes and offices, waiting to profit from the misfortunes of others. The first of whom are the American and European imperialist powers, their politicians, and the owners of multinational companies who calculate their expected benefits. The bombing, massacres, and bloodshed are pushed on by the racist, biased media that sanction Palestinian blood, as it sanctions the blood of all oppressed, colonized peoples.

We issue this appeal, with greater hope, to our Arab peoples and all the peoples of the region and the peoples of the Third World who have suffered from colonialism and occupation for centuries, have paid a heavy price for their freedom, and are still suffering from the “neocolonial” system. We believe that our sisters and brothers around the world are capable of stopping the regimes rushing to normalize relations with the occupation and apartheid state. We believe that restoring global solidarity between the oppressed and exploited peoples is the guarantee to deter colonialism, stop the suffering of our people, and establish a better world for all.

We return and demand that everyone does everything possible to stop the campaign of genocide against our people in the Gaza Strip immediately!

At this time, when our people are being exposed to the fiercest attacks in their history, we promise everybody, friends and enemies, that our people will remain stronger than all conspiracies against us and that the steadfastness and unity of our people are the guarantee of achieving return, freedom, and living in dignity in the future democratic state of Palestine.

Glory and eternity to the martyrs of our people.

Healing for the wounded and freedom for all the prisoners.

Haifa 10/13/2023

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