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EuroMed Monitor chairman’s post on Twitter. (Photo: screen grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

More evidence emerged on Saturday further debunking Israeli military claims about the house in which Israeli captive Noah Argamani was held in the Nuseirat refugee camp.

An X account officially linked to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs had claimed that local Gaza journalist Abdallah Aljamal and his family were holding the Israeli captive who was rescued in a deadly Israeli military operation on June 8. 

“According to sources in Gaza, Abdullah Al Jamal who also previously served as the spokesperson of the Hamas Ministry of Labor held Noa Argamani hostage in his home,” the account wrote on June 9.

The outcome of that rescue, aside from freeing four captives, was the killing of 274 Palestinian civilians and the wounding of nearly 800 more, according to Gaza Ministry of Health estimates. 

According to Axios and other US newspapers, the United States was involved in the rescue operation, although the exact details of the involvement remain unclear.

Also unclear was why the Israeli government and military had blamed Abdallah Aljamal and his family, claiming, without providing any evidence, that they had held one or more Israeli captives. 

Following the initial claims, news began emerging from Arabic and even US media, suggesting that Israel might not be telling the truth about what has transpired in the Nuseirat refugee camp. 

Since the start of the war, Israel has made numerous though unsubstantiated claims about the events that led to many massacres across the Gaza Strip, starting with the massacre of the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital on October 17, all the way to Nuseirat. 

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So far, over 37,000 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli genocidal war on the Gaza Strip, with 11,000 remaining missing and NUMBER wounded. The majority of Gaza’s casualties are believed to be women and children. 

In an article published on June 10, the American news network CNN poked holes in the Israeli version of events in Nuseirat, suggesting that Israel has accused the Palestinian journalist and his family without providing any evidence. 

The New York Times also published a report on June 10 stating that “it was not possible to ascertain independently whether the hostages had been held in Mr. Aljamal’s home and, if so, under what circumstances.”

The latest revelation was made on June 15, when Ramy Abdu, the chairman of the well-regarded EuroMed Monitor, issued another statement, based on an analysis of the Israeli army video documenting the June 8 operation.

“Breaking: The Israeli army has just released a video of the operation to rescue the Israeli hostage, Argamani. From viewing the footage, it is clear and certain that it was not the home of journalist Al-Jamal, as initially claimed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.”

As more news continues to be revealed regarding what seems to have taken place during the Nuseirat massacre, the Israeli army has failed to provide any conclusive evidence, aside from social media claims about where the hostages were indeed found. 

This is a developing story.

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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