Qatar’s Emir Criticizes World Leaders for Failing to Protect Palestinians


Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani delivered a speech at the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, where he addressed various regional and international issues, including the Palestinian cause, the Afghan crisis, and the Gulf dispute.

The Emir expressed his disappointment with the lack of progress in resolving the Palestinian issue, which he said was the “core issue” in the Middle East. He condemned the Israeli occupation, aggression, and violations of human rights and international law against the Palestinian people, and called for an end to the illegal settlement expansion, the blockade of Gaza, and the forced displacement of Palestinians.

He also slammed the international community for its inaction and silence in the face of the Palestinian suffering, and urged the UN to uphold its responsibilities and implement its resolutions to end the occupation and establish an independent Palestinian state.

The Emir reaffirmed Qatar’s support for the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights, and announced a new pledge of $100 million to provide humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians, in addition to the previous pledges of $360 million.

On the situation in Afghanistan, the Emir praised the efforts of Qatar in facilitating the evacuation of thousands of people from the country, and stressed the need for dialogue and cooperation among all Afghan parties to achieve peace, stability, and development. He also called for respecting the rights of women, children, and minorities, and preventing the use of Afghan territory for extremism.

The Emir also welcomed the Al-Ula Declaration that ended the three-year rift between Qatar and some of its Gulf neighbors, and expressed his hope for strengthening the Gulf Cooperation Council and enhancing the security and stability of the region.

He also touched upon other topics, such as the Iranian nuclear deal, the Syrian crisis, the Yemeni war, the Libyan conflict, the Sudanese transition, the Ethiopian dam, and the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasized Qatar’s commitment to multilateralism, dialogue, and cooperation to address the common challenges facing the world.

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