Pro-Palestine Brazilians Thwart ‘Cooperation with Israel’ Event in Brazil


Pro-Palestine Brazilians demonstrated Monday, August 21, at a university in the Brazilian city of Manaus against the organization of a pro-Israeli-occupation event on campus.

Despite the high-security measures against them, the protesters managed to stop the meeting in support of the Israeli occupation, which is entitled “Cooperation with Israel”.

André Lajst, director of the Brazilian branch of StandWithUs, a pro-Israeli-occupation group in Brazil, spoke at the event about supporting the occupation and normalization with it.

Video clips showed the large number of anti-Israel-occupation demonstrators, known as BDS Mob, who confronted the Brazilian police and attempted to shut down the event by force, forcing Lajst and his companions to leave the place quickly.

These protests are a part of the international BDS activities against all forms of normalization with the Israeli occupation, especially educational normalization.

Lajst, a Brazilian-born Jew who served in the Israeli Occupation Air Force, later wrote on social media networks, “The tightening of security measures was commensurate with the slander spread about me and about ‘Israel’.”

He announced his defending of the Israeli apartheid regime though the Arab-Palestine Union in Brazil stressed before that the university doesn’t accept any act of defending apartheid.

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