Palestinians in Gaza Protest against Their Difficult Living Conditions under Israel’s Crippling Blockade


Hundreds of Palestinians briefly took to the streets across the Gaza Strip on Sunday, 30 July 2023 to protest chronic power outages and difficult living conditions due to Israel’s crippling blockade imposed on Gaza since 2006.

Marches took place in Gaza City, the southern town of Khan Younis, and other locations, chanting “Where is the electricity and where is the gas?”

The protests were an attempt to put pressure on the Israeli occupation and Egypt to ease its blockade on Gaza.

The blockade has devastated Gaza’s economy and fuelled an unemployment rate that hovers at approximately 50 percent.

The Israeli land, air, and sea blockade has left more than two million Palestinians living in an open-air prison. They are prevented from leaving unless they are granted permission.

The ongoing blockade, which includes severe restrictions not only on the movement of people but of goods, amounts to unlawful collective punishment under international law. 

It has created a humanitarian crisis for the nearly two million Palestinians living in the area.

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Israeli authorities rejected 36% of patients’ requests to exit Gaza

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78% of piped water in Gaza is unfit for human consumption

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Rolling power cuts averaged 11 hours per day, as it continues


Fishermen have access to only 50% of the fishing waters

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Jobless rate is rising to more than 46.6%


31% of households have difficulties meeting essential education needs


 62% of families in Gaza require food assistance

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Gaza’s agricultural share is usually near the borderline that is facing daily Israeli violations like spreading harmful chemical materials.


80% of citizens in the Gaza Strip depend on aids

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The poverty rate in Gaza is rising to 61.6%

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66% of the Palestinians in Gaza are refugees


The Palestinians in Gaza witnessed major Israeli attacks in 2008-2009, 2012, 2014, 2021, 2022, and 2023, which resulted in demolishing thousands of civilians houses


The blockade is the latest chapter in decades of violence and hardship endured by Palestine

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