Palestinians Force Israeli Settlers to Evacuate Seized Home in Southern Hebron


In the Al-Dalba area south of Hebron, Palestinian citizens succeeded on Thursday, October 5, 2023, in forcing settlers to evacuate a home they had seized last week.

The homeowner, Amjad Al-Sharif, confirmed that a group of his family members managed to compel the settlers to vacate the uninhabited house in the Al-Dalba area by force.

The settlers had placed their belongings in the house and raised the flags of the occupation state on its roof.

Al-Sharif also mentioned that the house requires renovation to make it suitable for habitation, but the occupation authorities have been preventing him from carrying out any repairs.

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report released 2021 by the Israeli human rights group B’tselem found that the Israeli government has been using “settler violence” as a major tool in its attempt to seize Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank.

“The state fully supports and assists these acts of violence, and its agents sometimes participate in them directly,” the organisation said in its report.

“As such, settler violence is a form of government policy, aided and abetted by official state authorities with their active participation.”

All of Israel’s settlements and the settlers who live in them across the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem are illegal under international law.

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