Palestinian Team Heads to Morocco for Earthquake Rescue Efforts


A Palestinian delegation, including rescue personnel and medical teams, is set to embark from the West Bank to Morocco this Sunday evening, September 10, 2023, joining efforts in search and rescue operations following a devastating earthquake that struck southwest of Marrakech.

Emad Al-Zuhairi, the General Director of the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency, conveyed in a radio statement that the team is composed of 24 members. This includes ten emergency doctors specializing in bone fractures, ten civil defense personnel, along with experts from the Red Crescent and the official media team.

He further detailed that the Palestinian team will commence its journey to Morocco tonight, following the completion of all necessary preparations and coordination to ensure their seamless arrival. He noted that the team’s presence in Morocco is anticipated to span at least seven days.

Al-Zuhairi emphasized that the Palestinian team is fully committed to providing aid in Morocco’s rescue efforts, stating, “We are in direct communication with Moroccan authorities to ensure high-level coordination, enabling the team to effectively fulfill their designated role.”

Devastating Earthquake

The earthquake, which struck various regions of Morocco on Saturday night, tragically resulted in 2012 fatalities and left 2059 individuals injured.

It has caused extensive destruction in towns and villages throughout the country. Scenes of debris and structural damage in residential areas have been widely reported, as rescue teams tirelessly work to locate potential survivors.

According to the Moroccan National Institute of Geophysics, the earthquake registered a magnitude of 7 on the Richter scale, with its epicenter situated in the Al-Haouz region, southwest of Marrakech.

The World Health Organization has estimated that the earthquake in Morocco has affected over 300,000 individuals in Marrakech and its environs.

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