Palestinian Surgeon Not Allowed to Enter  France Due to German Ban


British-Palestinian surgeon Professor Ghassan Abu Sitta, who currently serves as rector of the University of Glasgow, said on Saturday thay he was prevented from entering France due to a German ban on his entry to Europe.

Abu-Sitta wrote on X: “They are preventing me from entering France. I am supposed to speak at the French Senate today. They say the Germans put a 1-year ban on my entry to Europe.”

German’s ban came as a result of Abu Sitta’s served for 43 days in Gaza hospitals at the onset of the war, where he witnessed countless Israeli crimes against Palestinians and dealt with sever injuries.

In April, Abu Sitta was invited to a conference in Berlin to talk about his experiences in Gaza, but was blocked from entering the country.
“While Europe silences witnesses to the “genocide” in Gaza, Israel is killing them in prison,” he commented.

This week, he is expected to speak at the Senate, the upper house of the French Parliament, at an event on France’s responsibility for the implementation of international law in Palestine. However, the French authorities prevented his entry to the country.

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