Palestinian Students Begin New School Year Amidst Ruins after Occupation Forces Demolish Their School


45 Palestinian students from the Al-Tahaddi “5” School in Bethlehem, headed on Sunday, August 20, 2023, to the ruins of their school that was demolished by the occupation forces last May.

School director Shereen Abu Taha reported that the students performed the national anthem on their first day of school on the sidewalk, sitting on the road amidst very difficult conditions for both students and the teaching staff.

The school now remains with no reconstruction or provision of necessary supplies such as seats and teaching materials.

Abu Taha mentioned that the education department plans to temporarily transfer the students to the Hattin School in the Az-Zawayra area until a solution is found and the Al-Tahaddi School is rebuilt.

She noted that the Hattin School is about 2 kilometers away from the current location and lacks public transportation to the area. Abu Taha called on international institutions to halt the occupation’s practices and protect students’ rights to receive safe education.

The occupation forces had previously demolished the Al-Tahaddi “5” School in 2017 and repeated the demolition in May of this year.

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