Palestinian Resistance Launches Military Maneuver across Gaza


On Tuesday morning, September 12, the Palestinian resistance factions in the Gaza Strip launched a military maneuver entitled “Extreme Corner 4” and reviewed a number of military activities throughout the Strip.

The”Extreme Corner 4″ maneuver marks the 18th anniversary of the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces from the Gaza Strip, said Palestinian media.

The maneuvre is part of the military preparations of the resistance factions in the Gaza Strip to confront any new Israeli military escalation against the Palestinian people.

The Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005 represents a milestone in the history of the conflict between the Palestinian people and the Israeli occupation, especially since the occupation has never been forced to leave land it has seized since its occupation of Palestine in 1948.

The maneuver included military shows, the launching of some missiles into the sea to the west, and a display of a number of locally made weapons.

The Palestinian resistance factions in the Gaza Strip launch military maneuvres from time to time, sending a clear message to the Israeli occupation that they are ready for any Israeli attack and they will defend the Palestinian lands and people.

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