Palestinian Resistance Condemns Britain’s Decision Against International Ruling on Israeli Occupation of Palestine


The Palestinian resistance strongly condemned Friday, August 25, Britain’s decision to stand against a ruling by the International Court of Justice regarding the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and for standing against submitting the case to the International Court.

In a press statement, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas considered this decision a part of Brtain’s pro-Israeli-occupation policies, which ignore the legal human rights of the Palestinian people, starting with Balfour’s declaration that granted the zionists a homeland in Palestine.

Hamas indicated that Britain still supports the criminal Israeli occupation by turning a blind eye to the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, their land, and their sanctities.

“The British position contradicts the values of justice and truth by tying the hand of international justice to curb the occupation’s crimes and brutal violations,” It stressed.

Hamas called on Britain and the international community to stop using double-standard measures and to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its systematic crimes against the Palestinian people.

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