Palestinian Prisoners to Continue Struggle Against Israeli Opressive Measures


The Higher Emergency Committee of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement declared on Monday, September 11, 2023, that any postponement or suspension of Israeli decisions regarding Palestinian prisoners will not be tolerated by them or the Palestinian people.

In a statement, the Movement emphasized that the prisoners’ struggle will persist until their objectives are met, calling upon the Palestinian populace to rally in support of the prisoners as they confront Itamar Ben Gvir’s decisions.

‘Slogan of Victory’

This support is to be manifested through participation in gatherings scheduled for tomorrow evening, titled “Unity of the Free – The Slogan of Victory,” set to take place in all regions of the homeland.

The Movement’s statement underscored the magnitude and ongoing nature of the challenge facing the prisoners, necessitating unity and a unified vision to safeguard their identity, dignity, land, and sacred sites.

The National Prisoners’ Movement reiterated in its statement that their struggle against the prison administration remains unwavering and will continue until the end of the occupation.

According to reports, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, removed an agenda item related to Itamar Ben Gvir’s proposal for tightening measures against Palestinian prisoners from the Cabinet meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday.

Oppressive Measures

The prisoners recently decided to initiate an open hunger strike commencing next Thursday. Their demands include the cessation of all decisions and policies aimed at tightening their conditions and the restoration of all rights that were previously revoked.

Since assuming office, extremist Itamar Ben Gvir has implemented punitive measures against Palestinian prisoners, such as prohibiting fresh bread, transferring them between prisons, limiting shower access for inmates in certain facilities, abolishing the early release law, and most recently, reducing the frequency of visits from the West Bank to once every two months instead of monthly.

The occupation currently detains nearly 5,000 Palestinian prisoners in 23 prisons, detention, and investigation centers. This includes 33 female prisoners, 180 minor children, 700 sick ones suffering due to medical neglect, and 1,200 administrative detainees.


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