Palestinian Prisoners Protest Israeli Prison Policies by Returning Meals


Palestinian prisoners at the “Ofer” prison decided on Thursday, August 3, 2023, to return their meals in protest of the Israeli occupation’s policies against Palestinian female detainees.

The move came as the Israeli occupation continues to systematically and deliberately use the policy of medical negligence against Palestinian female detainees.

The prisoners highlighted their indignation with the way the Israeli occupation handle the medical cases of female prisoners. They decided to use the symbolic gesture of returning their meals to draw attention to the matter.

The Israeli occupation is currently holding 19 female prisoners behind its unjust bars.

Female prisoners are often subjected to degrading and inhumane treatment during arrest, interrogation, and detention.

Reports of physical and psychological abuse, including beatings, intimidation, and solitary confinement, have been common.

In some cases, female prisoners have reported being subjected to verbal abuse, sexual harassment, and humiliation by Israeli prison staff.

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