Palestinian Killed by Israeli Forces at Gaza Fence


Five Palestinians were reportedly killed and 19 others were seriously injured in an explosion near the Gaza fence, on Wednesday, September 13th, 2023, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Medical crews moved a number of Palestinian civilians to Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza after being seriously injured due to the explosion while taking part in a peaceful protest at the Malaka area near the Gaza fence, Shehab correspondent said.

The youths, who were killed, were identified as Ahmed Jabari, Baraa Al-Zard, Naser Nofal, and Mohamed Qaddum.

No clear details have yet been reported on the cause of the explosion, the Ministry added.

An eyewitness told Msdr news that Israeli occupation forces placed a camera-like suspicious explosion body on their way near the Gaza fence, and it exploded immediately as soon as the youths approached it.

“It was an ambush,” the eyewitness concluded.

Clashes usually erupt between Israeli occupation forces and Palestinian youths at the Gaza fence as the latter demonstrate peacefully, demanding an end to the 17-year-old blockade imposed by ‘Israel’ on the Gaza Strip.

Hours earlier, local Palestinian sources said that 12 Palestinian young men, including a photojournalist, were moderately injured and many dozens sustained inhalation injuries in the Malka area after Israeli occupation forces fired live bullets and gas bombs at people demonstrating there.

Palestinians in Gaza took part today in a peaceful protest at the Gaza fence commemorating the 18th anniversary of the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and standing in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners who have been incarcerated and undergone severe conditions in Israeli jails.

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