Palestinian Girl Loses Years in House-Prison Arrests


Jerusalemite girl Zina Abdo has turned herself into the Israeli occupation police after the latter sentenced her to six months in prison over accusations of incitement on social media.

18-year-old Zina turned herself in yesterday, September 10th, 2023, to Al-Ramla Israeli prison after the 8-month house arrest she spent behind the walls of her house in the town of Jabal Al-Mukabber, to the south of Jerusalem, as she was accused by Israeli authorities of spreading inciting speech against ‘Israel’ on social media platforms.

“House Arrest was too unbearable,” said Zina in the last hours of freedom describing how this unjust sentence had deprived her of practising normal life and developed for her symptoms of pressure and mental health at an early age.

Talking about the upcoming chapter of her life, Zina was painfully worried about the actual arrest in Israeli prison, “It is difficult because I am going to live in a small cell and see people whom I don’t know before. In other words, I will move from my family’s lap to the darkness of Israeli prisons,” she added.

This is not the first time the Palestinian teenager, Zina, has been sent to prison under flimsy pretexts.

The Palestinian Centre for Prisoners’ Studies reported that the Israeli occupation forces had handcuffed her in May 2021 while she was remonstrating Israel’s tenacious attempts to drive dozens of Sheikh Jarrah residents out of their houses in a bid to reside colonial settlers in the place.

During that time, Zeina endured a brutal onslaught, torture and agony before being moved to Hasharon prison in Ramla, where she was undergoing long-hours security investigations. After a week-long, she was released but to a year-and-a-half house arrest with more charges of “incitement” pinned on her.

In December 2022, Zina was again detained while visiting Jerusalem’s Bab al-Assabat cemetery, there she was dragged to a ruthless investigation session at the “Maskobiya” detention. Three weeks following the investigation, she was handed another eight-month house arrest.

In July 2023, an Israeli occupation court sentenced her to five-and-a-half months in prison with 5,000 Shekel as a punitive measure, even though she had been under home arrest for eight months.

Since she was only 16, Israeli authorities have been blackmailing, detaining and sending her to interrogative punitive sections. Her last arrest has raised the toll of Palestinian female prisoners in Israeli jails to 36.

“It is not easy to overcome such harsh experiences. Although these are the last hours of freedom, but prisons’ gate won’t be ever closed,” Ziena concluded her speech with overwhelming pain.

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