Palestinian Civil Defense Fly to Libya in Rescue Mission


A Palestinian rescue team from Civil Defense, Health Ministry and Red Crescent headed Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 to Libya in a rescue mission to contribute to providing relief and joining operations of recovering bodies following a catastrophic flood that swept the Libyan city of Derna.

Oda Younis, Director of International Relations at Palestinian Civil Defense stated that the team included well-equipped specialists in water search and rescue since they are going to handle the consequences of a powerful flood.

Palestinian Civil Defense Team Fly to Libya in Rescue Mission
Palestinian Civil Defense Team Fly to Libya in Rescue Mission

One of the delegation members, Fadel al-Batran, who is a specialist in brain and spinal neurosurgery, added that the Palestinian personnel consisted of civil defence and professional medical staff from all health specialities, including surgery and emergency, and they are all bracing to provide help to Libyan victims.

The death toll of Palestinians killed in the tragic floods in Libya has reached 23, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to media sources, the death toll from devastating floods in Libya’s eastern city of Derna has risen to an estimated 6,000 people.

The toll is expected to rise as recovery operations continue in the city which was pummeled by Storm Daniel.

Three days ago, a Palestinian delegation also reached Morocco to join efforts in search and rescue operations following the powerful earthquake that struck southwest of Marrakech.

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