Palestinian Christians Face Attacks During Jewish Holidays in Jerusalem


Palestinian Christians, religious leaders, monks, and priests have raised concerns on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, over recurring attacks by settlers, particularly during Jewish holidays, in the city of Jerusalem.

Videos circulated on social media platforms captured a group of Christian pilgrims from East Asia, who were visiting Jerusalem yesterday evening, being subjected to spitting and insults by settlers while exploring the Old City.

Yousef Zahir Materi, Coordinator of the World Council of Churches in Jerusalem reported that Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem have faced repeated attacks over the past two years, especially under the current Israeli government.

He explained that they have warned, on behalf of the Council of Churches, about these assaults on Christians, their properties, and lands.

Furthermore, they expressed frustration with world leaders for failing to intervene and put an end to these widespread attacks. Notably, a statue of Christ was vandalized and shattered six months ago.

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According to Materi, a priest from the Armenian community in Jerusalem was spat upon 90 times by settlers within a year, emphasizing the need for international protection.

He mentioned that church leaders have issued 12 statements protesting against these violations since the end of 2021 up to the present day.

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