Palestine Actionist Challenges Charges for Factory Protest


In a passionate pursuit of justice and human rights, Amber, a dedicated member of the grassroots network Palestine Action, is seeking legal aid to defend herself against charges stemming from her involvement in a direct action against a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, the largest Israeli weapons manufacturer. The action aimed to halt the production of components for the notorious Israeli Merkava tanks, which have been used in attacks on Palestinian civilians, including a tragic 2014 massacre at a UN school in Gaza.

Amber, who has chosen not to disclose her last name, was among the activists who boldly stormed, occupied, and dismantled the property of Elite KL in February 2022, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems. The motivation behind her actions was fueled by a deeply moving encounter with a young Palestinian boy who had suffered chemical burns as a result of an Israeli bomb. This heart-wrenching experience drove Amber to learn more about the dire situation in Gaza, where a brutal blockade has left the region densely populated with children and refugees. She was determined to disrupt the flow of weapons to the Israeli occupation and end British complicity in what she sees as Israeli apartheid.

Facing charges of criminal damage and aggravated trespass, Amber now stands on the brink of a potentially lengthy prison sentence. In her pursuit of justice, she has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdjustice, aiming to raise £10,000 to cover the costs of legal representation, travel expenses, and court fees. Her ineligibility for legal aid, due to means testing criteria that exclude individuals with savings or assets above a certain threshold, has prompted her to turn to public support.

Amber firmly believes that her actions were justified and necessary, underscoring her preparedness to face the consequences of her choices. She hopes that her case will serve as a catalyst for raising awareness about the human rights violations committed by the Israeli occupation and the role played by the UK in supporting these violations. Furthermore, she aspires to inspire more individuals to join the campaign to shut down Elbit and other arms companies that profit from war and oppression.

Palestine Action, a fervent advocate for justice, has taken responsibility for several actions against Elbit and its affiliated companies since its formation in 2020. These actions have included occupying facilities, causing damage, and symbolically marking sites with red paint. The group says that its efforts have inflicted significant financial setbacks on those profiting from war crimes. Unwavering in its commitment, Palestine Action has vowed to continue its direct actions until Elbit is permanently shut down. However, the group has faced heavy-handed repression from law enforcement and the courts, with many of its members enduring arrests and subsequent charges.

As the legal battle unfolds, Amber’s case shines a spotlight on the intersection of activism, human rights, and the pursuit of justice. It underscores the crucial importance of holding those complicit in Israeli war crimes accountable while highlighting the determination of activists like Amber and Palestine Action in their unyielding quest for justice and peace in a troubled region.

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