Our Trade Suspension Purposes to Force Netanyahu into Ceasefire


The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated on Saturday that the turkish government’s sole goal of suspending trade with ‘Israel’ is to force Tel Aviv to declare a ceasefire to its deadly offensive in the Gaza enclave.

Erdogan’s remarks came amidst negotiation’s talks about a ceasefire deal between Hamas and ‘Israel’, which an Egyptian source said it has seen breakthroughs in the latest discussions.

“Our sole purpose is to force the (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu government, which has sprung out of control due to the West’s unconditional support, to a cease-fire,” Erdogan said as he addressed members of a national business group in Istanbul.

He added in statements to reporters on Friday that the assaults committed by Israeli military against the Palestinians cannot be accepted, mentioning that they as Muslims won’t turn a blind eye on Israel’s killing of about 40,000 Palestinians.

Despite that the annual trade volume with ‘Israel’ was $9.5 billion, Erdugan confirmed that his country considered this trade non-existent and started a new phase of severing trade relations, saying it is a necessary step.

Turkiye stressed it won’t reverse back from severing-trade decision after it officially announced it until ensuring that humanitarian aid supplies to the Gaza enclave were not ceased.

The Turkish Ministry of Trade also supported the decision in a statement revealing that Ankara had previously restricted the export of 54 groups of goods to ‘Israel’.

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