Occupation-Backed Israeli Settlers Storm Hebron, Threaten Palestinian Lives


Backed by Israeli occupation forces, Israeli settlers initiated an attack on the homes of Palestinian citizens in the Tal Al-Rumaida neighbourhood in the center of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, on Saturday, September 16,

Dozens of colonial settlers carried out a violent attack on Palestinians’ homes in the Tal Al-Rumaida neighbourhood, making alarming threats against residents, including threats of murder, home confiscation, and further assaults, said Palestinian media outlets.

The occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, have been witnessing a marked escalation of Israeli crimes and settler-instigated violence against Palestinian citizens and properties, flashing heightened tensions across occupied Palestine.

Statistics released by the Palestinian Information Center, commonly known as “Ma’ta,” reveal that last August, Israeli occupation forces and settlers, were responsible for a staggering 3,180 violations against Palestinian citizens in different cities across the West Bank, including Jerusalem.

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