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As the High Holy Days descend upon us, a new Jewish organization committed to fighting Zionism is emerging. “Jews Against White Supremacy” (JAWS) is launching this week with the release of their founding charter. 

JAWS is an explicitly anti-Zionist Jewish organization dedicated to fighting Zionist Jewish institutions. As per their charter, JAWS “exist(s) to fight for the liberation of Palestine by any means possible. We vehemently oppose the Zionist settler colonial project of Israel and are against all forms of settler colonialism.” This growing organization, with a presence in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Indonesia, prioritizes internationalism at the forefront of its organizing.

“We strongly believe there is a need for a Jewish anti-Zionist organization such as ours which specifically focuses on challenging Jewish Zionist institutions and fighting Zionism in our community at its most pervasive core,” says organizer M. Wisnefsky “As Jews for whom the Zionist settler colonial project is being committed in our name we have a specific duty to fight  these institutions which have been responsible for actively perpetuating a genocide in Palestine and who claim to represent us.”

Some key objectives of “Jews Against White Supremacy” Include: 

Mobilization of anti-Zionist Jews: Our organization seeks to unite anti-Zionist Jews from diverse backgrounds and communities from across the globe, providing them with a centralized organization and working collectively towards challenging Jewish Zionist institutions.

Direct Action and Advocacy: JAWS will engage in direct action campaigns that not only aim to fight Jewish Zionist institutions but also the cultural Zionism of which they manifest. 

Educational Initiatives: JAWS seeks to provide educational materials and resources that challenge traditional narratives surrounding Zionism and combat the falsehoods that Zionist institutions have perpetuated for decades. 

Community Building: Our organization is committed to creating a vibrant and inclusive community for anti-Zionist Jews and our allies. We will provide resources, events, and collaborative opportunities that foster a sense of belonging and solidarity, as well as start to build institutions and spaces which reflect our values as anti-Zionists. 

JAWS believes in the need to go further than holding Israel accountable as an apartheid state, that there needs to be a fundamental reckoning with the idea of Israel as a settler colonial state and that it is occupying the entirety of Palestine and must no longer exist. JAWS believes that existing as “non-zionist” is not enough and there is a need for an explicitly anti-Zionist Jewish organization which prioritizes fighting Zionist Jewish institutions as part of its organizing as well as serve as a central hub for anti-Zionist Jewish organizing globally. However, they make clear that fighting for a liberated Palestine must always remain at the forefront of their organizing. The JAWS charter states, “We will not lose sight of the fact that Zionism, as a settler colonial ideology directly harms Palestinians and we will always ensure support and solidarity with them in their struggle.”

“Jews Against White Supremacy” invites all individuals who share our values and commitment to fighting for a more just world to join us in organizing to fight Jewish Zionist institutions. Together we can fight against settler-colonialism and the institutions which perpetuate it, and for a revolutionary transformation of Jewish community life. 

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