New Israeli Testimony on Gaza Fighters’ Humanity


A colonial Israeli settler, who was taken hostage by Palestinian resistance fighters invading Gaza colonies, bore witness to the fighters’ humanity in times of war.

Recounting details during an interview on an Israeli channel, a female settler stressed that  “The Palestinian fighters treated us kindly, and we were left unscathed” before we were released to a safer zone by the fighters.

On the other hand, she said that “the Israeli police killed many settlers, who were taken hostage, with tank shells” during a fierce exchange of gunfire with Palestinian resistance fighters.

She continued, “The fighters kept knocking on our door for nearly an hour until they managed to break in. After that, we were taken hostage and moved to another room, in which other 8 settlers were taken hostage as well.”

“More than 40 Palestinian fighters were in the place protecting us from any violent clashes,” she added.

When she was asked if the fighters tortured the hostages or not, the settler said “No. They didn’t torture us. They were treating us in extreme humanity, providing water when fear covered our faces.”

“They didn’t practice violence, nor did they bring violence to our place,” said the interviewed settler.

“At 8:30, Israeli forces attacked the house containing the fighters and the hostages with tanks’ bombs, then silence fell over the area,” the settler concluded.

This testimony comes at times ‘Israel’ has disseminated misleading propaganda about Hamas fighters beheading settlers and their children.

The false information that toured all Western media has been refuted by Hamas fighters’ field videos documenting the fighters’ good treatment in preserving Israeli settlers, especially children.

Since the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation, ‘Israel’ has intentionally provided misleading information about Hamas fighters, describing them as “human animals”.

It fabricated a picture of a dog using Artificial intelligence and sent it to the world claiming the picture was of a settler child killed and burnt by Palestinian fighters.

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However, thorough U.S. investigations quickly revealed the picture was part of lies and slander ‘Israel’ has presented to the world

For nine consecutive days, ‘Israel’ continued its deadly raids over various areas of the besieged Gaza Strip, claiming the lives of hundreds.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed that Israeli airstrikes killed at least 300 Palestinians over the past 24 hours.

The death toll of Palestinians killed by Israeli war machinery has climbed to 2229. Over 9042 others were moderately or seriously injured, according to the Ministry of Health.

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