Life and death under the bombs


Editor’s note: Below are transcripts of videos posted on Instagram that depict life and death in Gaza since Israel’s bombardment began Oct. 7, 2023.



Two girls blowing bubbles.
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No one can deny that it’s an extremely hard time Palestinians are going through, especially kids. So look at what we did for them.

It’s simply a bowl of soap and water, to try to limit the trauma they are going through. [laughs with the children]






Man with chargers in hand, giving peace sign.
Watch Part 1 and Part 2.

[bicycling with backpack] Going to charge your phone, your laptops, or even your powerpacks—as you can see [in] the backpack behind me—is considered as a suicidal mission. You might go and never come back. Wish me luck. Peace!


[bicycling to retrieve backpack] Welcome to part 2. Now I’m on my way, shoutout to Mohammed, he’s the one charging the phones. I’m gonna get them and show you a small amount of the destruction that’s happening in my city.

You might wonder, “is it that dangerous?” I’m gonna say, look and judge for yourself.

[bicycling past two blocks of destroyed buildings] This is part of the destruction left behind by the Israeli occupation. And yes, I might be bombed at any given moment without any warning.

[bicycling past another devasted block of buildings] That’s also part of the destruction caused by the bombing. As you can see, no one and nowhere is safe.

[ambulance with siren blares past]

[bicycles up to his friend, who hands him his backpack] Hi. Thanks Habibi. Now I can proudly say, mission accomplished. Peace out!




Hand holding a piece of shrapnel.
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Earlier today I posted this video holding a shrapnel in my hand. Now let me put you in context real quick. When an Israeli rocket explodes it shoots such shrapnels in all directions, all over the place. They move at supersonic speeds, and they are flaming hot. They can easily cut through steel.

Now imagine with me what they can do to a human body. Let me show you what they will do if they hit you.

[picture of white bundles on a metal stretcher] Earlier this week I took this exact picture.  Now this picture contains what remained of three of my cousins. By the way, they are children. They were cut into pieces. We put one, two, three of what’s left of their pieces in one carrying tray.

This is what the shrapnel causes. Not only that, they also cause severe burns. They turn people into coal.

Look at this video that I took in the same day. Right here is another cousin of mine. He’s less than one month old that we also buried at that day. He’s a baby.

Now I want to ask you a question. What do you call that? This is genocide. Yes, this is what genocide looks like, and it must come to an end today.


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