Jenin Bids Farewell to 4 Martyrs Amid Outcries Against Israeli Atrocities


Thousands of Palestinians participated Wednesday, September 20, in the funeral of four Palestinian martyrs, who were murdered by the Israeli occupation forces in a massive military aggression on the Jenin refugee camp yesterday.

The mourners called for retribution against the harrowing Israeli crimes against the Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp, and they vowed to resist the Israeli occupation by all means.

The solemn funeral procession commenced at Jenin Governmental Hospital, marking a poignant moment as it bore the four martyrs. Led by fellow resistance fighters, the procession wended its way through the city amid furious slogans denouncing the escalating Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people.

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Funerals are sacred for Palestinians as they express their condolences to the dead and affirm their religious and national affiliation and values.

The funerals of the Palestinian martyrs are attended by hundreds of Palestinians, who pay their respects to the brave heroes of the Palestinian resistance and pledge to continue on the same path.

Yesterday, Israeli occupation launched a large-scale offensive on the Jenin refugee camp, involving airstrikes on multiple areas and military incursions within the camp, tragically killing four Palestinians and wounding 30 others.



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