‘It hurts me how the world stands with Israel and blames innocent civilians in Gaza’ – Middle East Monitor


Looking at the destroyed houses around her, Shahd Al-Banna seeks help from the Brazilian government and people around the world to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

The 18-year-old Brazilian student says on the ground there is a humanitarian and health catastrophe, no electricity, food and water in the besieged enclave.

“It has turned upside down! Destruction everywhere and killing civilians without any mercy. They’re going to attack a neighborhood close to us soon,” Shahd tells MEMO. “The situation is very dangerous. People just want a normal life! Palestinians in Gaza do not have the most basic human rights, such as food, water, electricity, fuel and with the wars launched by the Israeli Zionists, the situation gets worse.”

Shahd was born in Gaza, but she grew up and spent her whole life in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She went to visit Gaza a year ago with her mother who wanted to say goodbye to the family after discovering she had cancer. Unfortunately, Shahd’s mother passed away and she was left in the care of her grandmother.

“Seeking a safe place from bombings, we stay now at an aunt’s house with another 20 people,” Shahid explains.

“The Palestinian people are innocent people who have been steadfast for years against the Zionist occupation. It hurts me how most people around the world think that innocent Palestinians and civilians are terrorists!”

She says she is shocked that the “world stands in solidarity with the real monster, Israel, even though they see and know how they exterminate the Palestinian people. It truly pains me how the world has become blind and is deceived by some of the myths told by the Zionists.”

The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Itamaraty) announced that it successfully evacuated the first group of Brazilians from Israel. The aircraft brought 211 passengers and another five flights are expected to repatriate Brazilians in the coming days. More than 2,700 Brazilians are currently in Israel and seek help from the Brazilian government to repatriate them.

“I am proud and the Brazilian people must be too for the beautiful work that the Ministry of Defence, Itamaraty and the Brazilian Air Force do to rescue our compatriots who are in the conflict zone. We will continue working until we bring back everyone who is in that region and wants to return to our country,” President Lula Da Silva tweeted.

While 30 Brazilians are trapped in Gaza, awaiting news that they can be evacuated through the Rafah crossing with Egypt. Most came to Gaza to visit family. The Brazilian government has said that there are logistical and security issues regarding any evacuation.

“We communicated with the Brazilian embassy in Ramallah and told them the situation in Gaza right now. They told us that they are trying to coordinate with Egypt to evacuate us through the Rafah crossing. Six days have passed and we are still waiting,” Shahd says.

Brazil’s Presidential Adviser, Celso Amorim, called Egypt’s National Security Adviser Faisa Abou El-Naga in an effort to arrange the safe passage of Brazilians out of Gaza, he was told the Cairo has no objection to Brazilian nations traveling through the Rafah crossing but it can´t offer them protection as Rafah has come under Israeli attack.

“My message to the peoples of the world, please look at the history and understand the truth about the Palestinian issue, which most of you are ignorant of,” Shahd concludes.

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