Israelis Carry Out 55 Attacks on Palestinian Bedouin Communities in July


During the past month of July, Israeli occupation forces and settlers conducted 55 attacks against Palestinian Bedouin communities in the West Bank.

These violations included physical assaults on civilians, home demolitions, land confiscations, uprooting and destruction of crops, seizure of property, the establishment of new settlement outposts, and preventing shepherds from accessing nearby pastures.

The Bedouin rights organization, Al-Bedir, reported that the majority of these attacks were concentrated in the Hebron governorate with 13 incidents, followed by the Jericho and Jordan Valley governorate with 12 attacks, and the Tubas governorate with 8 incidents.

Hasan Mleihat, the General Supervisor of Al-Bedir, highlighted that Israeli occupation demolished and issued demolition orders for approximately 20 residential structures and equipment in Bedouin communities during the previous month.

He also mentioned that settlers carried out around 28 attacks against Bedouins and established 8 new settlement outposts in different areas, with many of these incidents captured on video.

Mleihat warned of the danger of further displacement of Bedouin communities amid the intensified settlement campaign against them, emphasizing that the Israeli government is determined to forcibly demolish and evict Bedouins, aiming to displace them entirely.

He asserted that the Israeli government is employing extreme pressure policies against Palestinian Bedouins.

These practices are viewed as an open war against Bedouin communities in the West Bank, with Mleihat stating, “The Palestinian, specifically the Bedouin, who has no control over anything, is the one paying the heavy price for facing the fierce occupier and its settlers day and night.”

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