Israeli Warplanes Severely Damage Turkish Friendship Hospital in Gaza


Israeli warplanes deliberately targeted the vicinity of the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Cancer Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that an Israeli airstrike targeted the vicinity of Friendship Hospital, resulting in the destruction of the hospital and damage to large parts of it.


Dr. Subhi Skaik, the director general of the hospital, said on Facebook. “A state of panic afflicts cancer patients and medical staff as a result of the heavy Israeli bombardment of the only Turkish Friendship Hospital.”

It’s worth noting that Israeli occupation continues targeting hospitals in the Gaza Strip as previously they targeted Al-Ahli Arab Hospital, killing more than 500 Palestinians.

Israeli occupation also threatened Al-Quds Hospital and called for its immediate evacuation in preparation for bombing the site.

The death toll has risen to 8306, including 3457 children and 2136 women, and the number of wounded reached 21,048 according to Palestinian figures.

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