Israeli Warplanes Destroy Al-Susi Mosque, 10 Palestinians Killed


The Israeli occupation forces targeted and completely demolished Al-Susi Mosque, located in the Al-Shati refugee camp to the west of Gaza City, on Monday, October 9, 2023.

According to local sources, a significant number, estimated to be 10, of Palestinians have tragically lost their lives, while others have sustained injuries as a result of the devastating attack.

In a distressing sequence of events earlier in the day, Israeli warplanes launched airstrikes on four Palestinian mosques scattered throughout the besieged Gaza Strip. Of these, three were situated within the confines of the Al-Shati refugee camp.

Among the victims of the Israeli airstrikes on the Ahmed Yassin Mosque and its adjacent neighborhood in Al-Shati camp were three Palestinian girls: Ritaj Al-Mishal, Amal Omar, and Intifada Al-Hindi.

The relentless Israeli aggression in Gaza has plunged the entire region into an overwhelming state of grief and despair. The civilian population continues to endure relentless attacks, with the most vulnerable, including children and women, disproportionately affected.

The death toll stemming from the Israeli aggression on Gaza has now reached a staggering 436 individuals, a heart-wrenching figure that includes 78 children and 61 women. Furthermore, an alarming 2,300 individuals, both young and old, have suffered various injuries.

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