Israeli War on Gaza Targets Health Sector, Four Hospitals Damaged within 24 Hours


The Israeli occupation forces continued their brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip, targeting four hospitals in Gaza City with heavy airstrikes that caused extensive damage and injuries.

According to eyewitnesses and medical sources, the Israeli occupation forces bombed the only psychiatric hospital and the eye hospital in the Gaza Strip, destroying large parts of their buildings and equipment. The patients and staff of the hospitals were evacuated amid the rubble and smoke.

The occupation forces also targeted the areas around Al-Rantisi Hospital and Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest and most vital medical facilities in the besieged enclave. The bombing damaged the infrastructure and the solar panels of the hospitals, as well as injuring several Palestinian civilians who were seeking refuge inside the hospitals.

The Israeli occupation forces have been deliberately targeting the health sector in Gaza, which is already suffering from a severe shortage of medical supplies and personnel due to the 16-year-long blockade imposed by the Israeli occupation. The occupation forces have also bombed bakeries, water sources, and power plants, in an attempt to starve and suffocate the population.

The ongoing occupation war on Gaza, which started on October 7, 2023, has killed more than 10,000 Palestinians, including more than 5,000 children and 2,600 women, and wounded more than 25,000 others. The occupation forces have also destroyed thousands of homes, schools, mosques, and other civilian facilities.

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