Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian, Wound 3 Others in Tubas Raid


Israeli troops killed a Palestinian citizen and wounded three others in a massive military incursion into the occupied West Bank city of Tubas on Friday, September 1, 2023, attempting to assassinate a Palestinian freedom fighter.

Pursuing the Palestinian young man Mohammad Abu Erra, Israeli occupation forces stormed Tubas, surrounded his family’s home, and targeted it with missiles.

The forces kidnapped Abu Erra’s father, mother and sister and used them as human shields to pressure him to surrender after they failed to catch him.

They also detained three Palestinian citizens in Aqaba town, namely Abd Al-Raziq Abu Erra, 51; Bakr Abu Erra, 30; and Mohammad Abu Erra, 40.

Consequently, confrontations broke out where Israeli forces fired live bullets at the citizens, killing Palestinian young man Abd Al-Rahim Ghannam 37 and injuring three others.

Israeli armed units reportedly prevented medical crews from reaching the injured to provide treatment for them and opened fire at an ambulance, causing damage to its windshield.


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