Israeli Troops Attack Palestinian Funeral, Prevent it from Reaching Cemetery in Hebron


Israeli occupation forces attacked on Monday, September 4, a Palestinian funeral in Beit Ummar town in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, sparking violent confrontations with Palestinian citizens.

Local Palestinian sources reported that Israeli troops prevented a Palestinian funeral of a dead Palestinian from reaching a cemetery in the town, attacking the mourners.

Israeli forces fired live bullets and tear gas at Palestinian houses, mourners, and Palestinian citizens who rushed to the streets to repel Israeli military units at the northern entrance to the town by throwing stones at them.

Dozens of Palestinians reportedly suffered from toxic tear gas inhalation.

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The funeral sanctity is violated

Funerals are sacred for Palestinians as they express their condolences to the dead and affirm their religious and national affiliation and values.

The funerals of the Palestinian martyrs – murdered freedom fighters – in special are attended by hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, who pay their respects to the brave heroes of the Palestinian resistance and pledge to continue on the same path.

However, those funerals are attacked by armed-to-teath Israeli forces, which provoke Palestinians’ feelings and mostly spark confrontations between both, causing causalities among defenceless Palestinians.

Last Thursday, August 31, Israeli occupation forces stormed the mourning house of the murdered Palestinian child Khaled al-Za’anin Beit Hanina town in occupied Jerusalem, detaining a citizen.

It’s neither the first Israeli attack on the funerals of murdered and dead Palestinians nor the last.

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