Israeli Sources Disprove Allegations of Palestinian Resistance Targeting Children


Amidst the Western media’s promotion of the false Israeli narrative regarding the Palestinian resistance targeting children, Israeli sources have now refuted these allegations after scrutinizing the details of attacks carried out by Palestinian fighters inside Israeli settlements near Gaza.

Israeli journalist Uri Ziv stated, “We found no evidence of ‘Hamas butchering children’ during our visit to ‘Kfar Azza.’”

He expressed regret, saying, “It’s unfortunate that Israel is now using these false claims to escalate the Gaza airstrikes.”

In a statement today Wednesday, October 11, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas refuted all baseless claims and accusations propagated by Israeli and Western media regarding the targeting of Israeli children by Palestinian resistance fighters.

Furthermore, it has dismissed allegations of Palestinian militants beheading children and intentionally harming civilians, citing numerous videos that demonstrate the humane treatment of Israeli women and children by Palestinian fighters.

It criticized Western media for failing to acknowledge the scale of Israeli aggression against the people of Gaza, which has entirely obliterated entire neighbourhoods and residential buildings without prior warnings.

The ongoing and intense Israeli airstrikes across the Gaza Strip have resulted in the murder of 950 Palestinian civilians, including 260 children and 230 women, with more than 4,600 others injured.

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