‘Israeli’ Soldiers Force Palestinian Women to UNDRESS


Two armed Israeli female soldiers, with an attack dog, forced five Palestinian family members to take off all their clothes and walk around naked.

On July 10, at least 50 ‘Israeli’ occupation soldiers along with K-9 dogs raided Hebron, an occupied city in the West Bank, and attacked a residential family building where 26 Palestinians, including 15 children, live.

The family woke up in terror after the soldiers’ break-in. Violating the Palestinian women’s privacy, two female Israeli soldiers ordered five Palestinian women to enter the children’s room one by one, forcing them to strip naked and walk in front of their children who were trembling with fear.

The Israeli soldiers threatened the Palestinian women to unleash the dogs if they did not follow their orders and take off their clothes.

Manal Al-Jaabari, a human rights activist with the left-wing Israeli organization B’Tselem, said that she recently documented 20 psychological and physical assaults by Israeli forces against Palestinian women.

She added that there is a clear increase in Palestinian women being forced to strip naked at gunpoint and the use of attack dogs.

Al-Jaabari pointed out that Palestinian women who are subjected to this experience refuse to give interviews or talk about it, but these family members spoke in detail about the horror of the experience.

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